Royalty Free Photo & Video Content

Photo and Video content can be very useful to a creator. If you need some great images for a website or thumbnail; or perhaps some video for B-roll footage than you’ll find these sites useful. There is a nice variety of completely free websites along with premium services that offer a slightly wider selection. Regardless, you’ll find tons of options here.

Erics Favorites

Photo & Video Content for Your Creations

Many of the free sites listed below offer a Creative Commons 0 License. This means it can be altered or used in any way, even commercially. However it’s important that you read the license terms from site to site so you can ensure you’re complying with the copyright of the material. Also keep in mind these are all third party sites and once leaving Mine It Social you are solely responsible for any interactions taken with third party sites.

Premium Photo & Video Websites

These are premium websites that typically charge for photos and videos. Some are monthly subscriptions while others sell by each piece of content. Please be sure to view the license information of each website before using content.

Free Photo & Video Websites

Everything below links to a free website. Keep in mind there are many advertiser results as well on some of these websites that are not free. Please be sure to view the license terms for photos and videos before using them on your content.

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