5 Tips for Getting Better Audio

Royalty Free Music For Your Videos

Whether you’re looking to make the next full length feature or just putting out a vlog on your YouTube channel, you’re going to need some background music for sure. The only real problem is that many of the sounds and tunes in the YouTube Audio library are widely used and overplayed. So if you want something more unique that won’t cost you a fortune or get you copyright strikes than these resources might come in handy.

Royalty Free Music & Sounds

Keep in mind that Royalty Free doesn’t mean 100% free. Songs that are royalty free can be purchased at a flat rate and used many times without incurring a fee for each usage. When browsing these sites please remember to check the license terms for each website as they may differ. Also remember these are third party sites and although though we found them trustworthy, we are not responsible for actions involving third party sites.

Premium Music Websites

The following websites charge a fee for using the services. Most of them are monthly rates, but some may be on a by song basis. Premium websites are generally more trustworthy and the music is less likely to be overused. They are also able to offer more support if an artist would file a false copyright claim against you.

Free Music Websites

These sites offer completely free music. Typically they require some sort of credit be given to the author or only allow for personal use. Check license terms before using. The downsides to free websites are that music may be used more by others and it offers less support for potential copyright claims.

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