Mining it is the portion of the site where we turn our creations and our audience into action. Mine It is not only a nifty play on my last name, it’s the act of meeting your goals using social media. Whether you’re trying to make money, create social change, or influence others; you’re going to find different ways to do so here.

Look below in order to find out how to put your audience to work for you and mine your goals online.


Motivation Nation

A list of videos and content to help you stay motivated. This section is more of a place to visit when you need a break and recharge session.

Make Money With Ads

Advertising revenue is the most common form of income for online creators. This section will help you get started with making money with ads.

Make Money Affiliate Marketing

This section will teach you how to make money by selling products that you would already recommend to your viewers.

Make Money With Brand Deals

Make money online by working with other brands. These types of deals are fantastic ways to get some extra income.

Make Money By Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a great way for you to get support from your biggest fans and give them a little something extra for it.

Make Money With Product Sales

Selling merchandise, online courses, and services can be a great way to make your online business full time.

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