Tips for Better Lighting

Lighting can honestly be a real struggle for a beginning filmmaker. Mastering lighting will make your post production so much faster and easier in the long run so brushing up on lighting technique is a good idea. The articles and videos in this section have been selected because I feel they answer many questions most have when they’re trying to light their shots better. I’ve also included a great listing of suggested lighting products that may also help enhance your videos.

Lighting 101

This is the complete basics. The lighting guides for people that have zero clue on how to get started.

Tips and Tricks for Better Lighting

The following articles and videos are great places to start when trying to learn more about proper lighting technique. Scroll down further to see links for recommended products.

Suggested Lighting

No matter what budget you’re working with there are always good solutions to make things happen. Because lighting is so extremely important it is a good idea to get your lighting down correctly.

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