How to Create a Twitter List

How to Create a Twitter List

A Twitter List is something that many users don’t think twice about making. However they can be quite useful when it comes to social media marketing, creating a Twitter List can help you organize potential clients, sort based upon niche, and so much more. So in this article I’m going to give you a step by step on how you can create your own lists on Twitter.

Step 1: Head Over to the List Section

Creating a Twitter List

If you click on the profile picture on the top right of the screen you’ll get the dropdown menu like the one you see about. Clicking on the lists section will take you over to the list dashboard.

Step 2: Click Create List & Enter Details

How to Create a Twitter List

The Lists section opens up to a summary of the lists that you’ve created and also gives you the option to create a new list. If you take notice there are some lists with padlock symbols around them, these are private lists that I’ll cover later on in this article. Clicking the Create New List option will bring up a pop up menu like the one shown below.

At this screen you have a few options to enter:

Name: Obviously your list should have a name so you can organize them better.

Description: This is an optional field where you can describe what your list is about.

Privacy: By selecting a Public List you’re making it visible to anyone that views your profile. When you add users to a public list they’ll receive a notification letting them know they’ve been added in. If you choose a Private list it will remain for your eyes only. No one can see a private list nor will they be notified when added to it.

After you’ve filled in these fields simply click create and your list is now created. It’s time to add users.

Step 3: Add Users to the List

You can add users to lists by going to their profile pages, clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the screen, and the Add to list option. From here you can select which list you would like to add them too. Check mark all of the lists you’d like the person to be added into and then close out of it. At this point the user is now on the Twitter List. It’s worth noting that by unchecking boxes you are able to remove them from a twitter list the same way.

Step 4: View Tweets from Your Twitter List

If you return to your list menu from Steps 1 & 2 you’ll be taken to the list screen. By clicking on the list name you will see tweets from only your users on that list. This is a great way to make sure you don’t miss Tweets from your favorite users or in your favorite niche. So hopefully at this point you have been able to create and use your very own Twitter List.

How to Create a Twitter List

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