About Mine It Social

My name is Eric Miner and Mine It Social is my project to give back to the creator community that has given so much. A few years ago I created a blog about cocktail recipes called Epic Drink Recipes. After some thought I determined I needed to develop some great video content to take my blog to the next level. After much trial and error I was able to create a YouTube channel that was much more successful than the blog could ever be.

Looking through my bookmarks I realized I had quite the database of useful resources, thus Mine It Social was born. I set out to create a useful solution for creators of all skill levels so they could get the most out of their online marketing strategies. It is the mission of this website to help you mine your goals online using websites and social media.

About Eric Miner

I started Mine It Social from the perspective of a beginner. I’ve been interested in computers practically my entire lifetime. Starting out on computers using mostly MS DOS (Google it young folks) I fell in love with the simple, but fun games there was to offer. I built my first website in the sixth grade with the help of my father. From then on I’ve built hundreds, if not thousands, of websites on a variety of topics. I used affiliate marketing to earn money with my websites, never enough to live on fully, but enough to help out during tough times.

As a teen I experimented a little with video by using a Sony Handycam and Windows Movie Maker to produce silly videos. Looking back on it, things could have been much different if I would have kept learning and growing that avenue.  Fast forward to today, I have spent the last few years dedicating my free time to learning more about the content marketing industry. I’ve read countless books, filmed hundreds of videos, and gained multiple certifications on the subject. Although I’ve primarily earned my living with blue collar jobs my hope is to one day make a career out of this crazy thing we call content marketing.

My Accomplishments

Below is a listing of accomplishments that I have made over the years. Although I make no claims of being an expert, I do take pride in the amount I’ve been able to accomplish.

College Level Education

Although my major was in Business Management, I also took every social media and online marketing course that my college had to offer.

YouTube Certified

I have passed all three of the YouTube Certification Exams. These exams cover Channel Growth, Content Ownership, and Asset Monetization

HubSpot Certified

The HubSpot Inbound Certification covers how to use content marketing to grow a business.

20 Years Design Experience

I have been managing my own websites for 20 years plus. I have worked with HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and More.

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