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Here at Mine It Social the goal is one thing: to help you meet your goals online. How do I do that? By offering up videos, articles, and tools that can help you perform better on social media with your brand.

Below you’ll see the categories of various topics you may want to learn about. The goal here is to give you the resources and training to develop a brand online. Using these resources you’ll be able to improve your content creation and optimization. This will hopefully allow you to make more money, get more subscribers, or even run a business from home.

Click the categories for more on a particular topic. Enjoy!

About the Creator

This website has been created and is maintained by myself, Eric Miner. I have been building websites for almost 20 years now. I date back to a time where Yahoo was the king of Search and Netscape Navigator was our web browser of choice (Yes, I’m that old). During that time I’ve watched the internet grow into the magical tool it is today. Anyone with passion, a dream, and an internet connection can make big things happen now. With the resources I’ve given in this learning center I hope you can also create something amazing that you can use to build a business, teach others, or just connect with others sharing your interests. I hope you enjoy this website and everything shared on it and would love to connect with you all on social media so we can share our online journey together.

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WoRDS From Eric

Hello, my name is Eric and this is the introduction video I filmed for the learning center. I welcome you to visit my own personal YouTube channel to see educational content from me personally. 

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